Our award-winning real-time strategy game, Warfare Incorporated, is now available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm and PocketPC compatible handhelds!

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Awards and accolades for Warfare Incorporated

   "This is a game you won't be able to put down..."   

  "awesome graphics and action"

   "Like Bo Derek, Warfare is a perfect 10!" 

"I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a challenge..."  

   "Warfare Incorporated: As Good As It Gets"

   "Warfare Incorporated is the best Palm OS game to date." 

   "Final score: PERFECT 10" 

Average user rating: 

  Average user rating: 


"Ein absolutes Muss! Momentan die Referenz in punkto Grafik und Sound..."

"Warfare Incorporated is quite simply great fun to play. :: The final rating is 96%"

  "...you must give this game a chance to wow you." 

  "If you're an RTS fan: go buy it now..." 

  "This is by far the best game on the zodiac"   Score: 98%

  "In my scale, 10 is perfect. In my mind, nothing is perfect. This game comes as close as possible. 9.5 out of 10."

  "I highly recommend Warfare Incorporated."

  "Warfare Inc. is one of the must own games for PDA gamers."

   "If you enjoy RTS games, I strongly recommend Warfare."


Warfare Incorporated is a PalmSource Powered Up Award Winner for 2004!



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